Curious About What An Editor Can Do For You?

So you’ve finished writing your book and now you want to publish it. This is when the real challenges begin. Finding good editors and publishers that won’t cost you a fortune can be difficult.

As soon as you have the first draft of your manuscript, you will start looking for an editor to polish your work. Writers’ first draft will always be a mess and we all go through painful editing processes before publication. An editor lends his or her fresh pair of eyes to detect and correct errors in your manuscript, but what if editors charge you 0.10/word or even 0.01/word? You’ll probably have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars just for editing. What about the other costs involved in publishing a book?

We are offering quality editing service at rates more than 20% below the industry standard. We have a team of professional editors who are also authors like you to help edit your manuscript at a very affordable price! The quality of our work is just as good as other expensive editors.

You will be able to send the first ten pages from your manuscript for a free editing/proofing service before you decide if you’d like to go ahead with the contract. Part of previous editing work is given as sample upon request.

Contact us to get a quote!

Manuscript formatting and e-book conversion services are also available.

For fast affordable editing service, look no further than IBP! I was amazed at the service I got for my latest novel! So happy I found International Book Promotions for my marketing needs!Kelli Sue Landon

IBP’s editing service was good. I found more bad spots but, in general, it was good. I’ll recommend it to my friends/writers – Steven Nedelton

I found the way that IBP does the proof and format changes gives the author the choice of what to keep or delete as you go back through the changes to your manuscript. It is a little work, but it turns out very nice.​ – Robert J. Saniscalchi


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