Proofreading and Editing


So you’ve finished writing your book. Congratulations! Now, however, the real challenges begins.

The most successful authors understand that the quality of their work is as important as its content, so after completing your manuscript, you’ll need to find a good editor. Even the most talented writers require a fresh pair of eyes to proofread and polish their work. If you rely on beta readers or friends and family to do this rather than a professional, you’re doing yourself and your work a disservice. Error-free writing results in better reviews and increased sales.

But aren’t professional editors expensive?

Here at IBP, we have a team of professional editors who, like yourself, are also authors. The quality of our work is equal to that of independent professional editors, but we offer our services at a fraction of the cost.

Our editors focus on the content, organization, and presentation of an entire manuscript. They help writers define their goals, identify their readers, and shape the manuscript in the best possible way. Our editors also clarify the argument, fix the pacing, suggest improvements, and draw missing pieces from the author.

We help you revise your final drafts to submit to literary agents or publishers or to self-publish through Amazon, Google, or other platforms on the web.

We offer 4 levels of editing services as described below.

Developmental Editing

This kind of editing involves moving large chunks of text around and possibly cutting some sections as well. It addresses the structure (including plots and characterizations) of a book — how everything hangs together.

Line Editing

Rearranging and rewriting paragraphs as necessary to improve clarity and flow of ideas; editing sentences to remove passive voice, ambiguous references, awkward transitions, and wordiness.

Copy Editing

Checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, formatting, and conformance to style guidelines; at client request editing sentences to remove passive voice, ambiguous references, awkward transitions, and wordiness.


Comparing a document against an original to verify accuracy, as in legal proofreading; checking typeset pages against copy-edited pages to ensure all changes were made; reading typeset pages a final time for typographical errors such as a missing quotation mark or an instance of amd where and should be.

1 – 7.5 K words 7.5 – 20 K words 20 – 50 K words 50 – 110 K words Over 110K words
Developmental Editing $ 120 $ 200 $ 300 $ 400 $ 500
Line Editing $ 105 $ 175 $ 275 $ 375 $ 475
Copy Editing $ 90 $ 150 $ 250 $ 350 $ 450
Proofreading $ 75 $ 125 $ 225 $ 325 $ 425


At IBP, we believe that improving the quality and reputation of self-published books will lead to more successful competition with traditionally published books. As self-published authors, therefore, our editors have vested interest in making your work the best it can be. Your success is our success.

International Book Promotion has continually exuded excellent service!  I have used them more than once and will continue to do so.  Not only does the editor provide corrections but also invaluable feedback on the content, including their research, their opinions that show the reader’s point of view, and their suggestions.  They also provide that service very timely and complete before deadline.  In addition they provide amazingly timely communication.  I recommend them to any author looking for a quality editor. – author Erika Nelson

IBP’s editing is affordable and they provided excellent editing service. I was so happy with their work on my book, Smooth Intentions 2. – author Kimberly Stewart 

Working with International Book Promotion was a pleasure. The editing was professional and working directly with the founder, Jasveena, I found her personable and super accommodating. I would highly recommend this service. Experience the IBP treatment for yourself.– author Dennis Higgins 

Good news for new and old Indies! International Book Promotion offers professional editing and proofreading services at very reasonable prices. I got better services at a fraction of the cost I had previously paid. My editor outlined my inconsistencies that previous editors had overlooked. It’s now a lot easier for self publishing. The service is top-notch, the timing reasonable and all this at a fraction of the cost.– Dimitri Sarantis Author

Try us for free!

We’ll edit the first ten pages of your manuscript for free, with no obligation. On request, we will also provide you with samples of work our editors have done for previous customers. If you’re satisfied with the results, as so many others have been, we can then discuss an affordable contract that will work for you.

Manuscript formatting and e-book conversion services are also available.

For fast and affordable editing service, look no further than IBP! I was amazed at the service I got for my latest novel! So happy I found International Book Promotion for my marketing needs!Kelli Sue Landon

IBP’s editing service was good. I found more bad spots but, in general, it was good. I’ll recommend it to my friends/writers. – Steven Nedelton

I found the way that IBP does the proof and format changes gives the author the choice of what to keep or delete as you go back through the changes to your manuscript. It is a little work, but it turns out very nice. – Robert J. Saniscalchi

Working with IBP has been awesome! They edited my manuscript in record time, and the notes they left have been supremely helpful! – Andy Peloquin

I highly recommend IBP for all your editing and formatting needs. IBP’s team is efficient, professional and renders results in a timely manner. I will definitely work with them again in the near future! – Helene Louard, author of “The Tunnel” series.
 I am extremely happy with International Book Promotion’s service. They communicate fully about scheduling, they are honest about their rates and most importantly they did exactly the job I asked for. The editing was very thorough and I received all the formats I required. Thanks so much IBP! – Author Linda Dean

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