The DNA of A Successful Book


Not everyone who starts reading a book completes the reading process.

What keeps you from reading a book further and what motivates you to complete it?


5 thoughts on “The DNA of A Successful Book

  1. My answer is ‘characters’ to both. If I can’t get involved with characters, it’ll be very difficult for me to finish a book. While if I’m in love with characters, I’ll go to the end no matter what flaws the book may have.

    I’ll say, I always try to finish a book no matter how little I’m liking it, but some were really too bad even for my resolution… Not many, but I did encounter a few.

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  2. I’m a reader of speculative fiction, but I also like historicals and mysteries.
    I love stories where characters need to face their fears and stories dealing with characters’ identity (so I mean, cultural ideantity, personal identity and also sense of belonging)

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