Brand Yourself as Authors with IBP


What does ‘author branding’ mean?

As an author, branding yourself means picking the unique features of yourself and your work that are interesting and appealing to readers to make you distinctive, in a world overrun with talented up-and-coming authors.

Why is branding essential for authors?

You and your publicists will be responsible for your book’s marketing and publicity. You, as the author, need to find a way to make your work stand out. Establishing yourself as a unique brand should increase the interest in your work, and set a standard for future releases.

Take a new route to brand yourself as the new age author! Now, imagine yourself hosting a book release event. What would you offer as souvenirs for your fans at author events? IBP envisions authors as authorpreneurs and we are here to help you brand yourself as authors through merchandises.

We are glad to announce that you, as authors, can now purchase a wide variety of CUSTOM MADE author merchandises like name cards, bookmarks, mugs, writing tools, pen drives and etc. through IBP. While we work on having the catalogues ready, we thought that you would like to grab the Christmas offer below.

Special OFFER: Get 150 pcs of metal pen engraved with words and logo for only $400 (including shipping within USA). Order by 23rd Dec 2015. Contact for details.



The DNA of A Successful Book


Not everyone who starts reading a book completes the reading process.

What keeps you from reading a book further and what motivates you to complete it?



Are you a bookworm? How frequent do you read and how many hours a day do you spend on reading?

The 36 Rules of Social Media

Do you just have a website, a blog or social media accounts just for the ‘sake’ of having it? Like it or not, the web-based businesses reach their customers via various social media platforms. Check out the rules above and ask yourself if you are doing it right?

If it is too hard for you, use our social media marketing for only $30 a month and get your books exposed to possible readers out there!