Literary Fest/ Book Fair Brings You an Amazing Day: 10 Tips



I’m a volunteer at a big one-day literary festival/book fair in my area. These basic tips may help you enjoy such a fair.

Prose in the Park, Ottawa, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday, June 6

As a volunteer at the information table of Ottawa’s first major literary festival/book fair, I’m ready to help you find what you want amid simultaneous events. Here’s my advice on how to connect with the tempting literati lying in wait:

  1.  Before you come, look at the programme. Study the featured authors’ faces, names and book titles. Is there someone you absolutely don’t want to miss meeting or listening to? Make a note of when and where to find and talk to them. Prepare for a crowded site. Bring a camera, your wallet, a watch and a pen.
  2. Plan to stay long if the festival is a unique gathering of celebrities and raw, fresh talent. In this case…

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