Sexy Six Authors Q&A #5: There was recently a message on ‘Books and Writers’ saying ‘please stop giving your books away’. What do you feel about this?

This post would be the continuation of Q&A session with the Sexy Six team and in case you’ve missed the forth one, here is the link to it.

It’s a pleasure to interview the six sexy authors from the Sexy Six team. A warm welcome to our blog and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the interview session with us.

We’ve asked them a few questions and the answers for each question from all six of them will be published as a series. Let’s check out question #5

There was recently a message on ‘Books and Writers’ saying ‘please stop giving your books away’. What do you feel about this?

Chris Lange 

Authors create their books. Giving them away or not is their choice.

Leanore Elliott

Well, I have officialy given away 35,000 books, so EEK….LMAO !

Jennifer Theriot

While you want to make money from the sale of your books, there is a certain amount of ‘Goodwill’, that is necessary to market a product – any product. So I’d have to disagree. I give my books away all the time and will continue to do so – within reason, of course.

Maggie Nash

The theory is hat you generate an audience this way, but in reality I haven’t noticed it.  There is a core group of people out there who never pay for books, but don’t necessarily even review the free books.   It’s a bit disheartening when you spend months on the writing, editing and production of a book, give it away in a competition or for a review, and then you get little back.  So I am now I. Agreement with their message…

Morticia Knight

Everyone has so many different takes on this. I believe in giving out free samples – this is a tried and true marketing technique. I also believe that if you’re writing a series, offering the first book either for free or greatly discounted is a good way to entice new readers who might not give you a second glance otherwise.

It’s important for authors to understand that there’s a gazillion books out there. Even with a track record, it can be difficult to be seen or heard through all the white noise. I think of free stories as the cost of doing business. I will say however, that a clear strategy should be employed. Only certain titles should ever be free with the occasional sale for a specific reason on others. But they should all be limited time offerings so as not to water down your own sales. Equate your book selling strategy to how established brands sell their products.

Sandy Wolters

I would never be presumptuous enough to tell another author how to promote their books. My books are priced very reasonably, so they are never listed anywhere for free.  I do, however, participate in giveaways and have been known to gift my books to people.  I also give my books to service men and women at no charge.

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