Book Review: The Real Estate Rookie

The Real Estate Rookie: A fun, sometimes absurd, uplifting story for anyone who owns, sells,buys, rents, builds or who has even driven by real estate by [Boog, Bob]

The Real Estate Rookie


When Bob Boog finally escaped his family home and the constant chatter about Real Estate, it was to attend UCLA on a merit scholarship. Finally, he thought, he was free from a business he had no desire to be a part of.
But on one of his frequent ‘laundry visits’ to the family home, he was suddenly presented with a ticket for a Real Estate seminar and felt compelled to attend. It was something which changed his opinions, his plans for the future and his life.
Inspired by the words of Real Estate guru Tom Hopkins, Bob decided to get his licence and studied harder for the exam than he did for some of the ones on his course, passing it on his first attempt.
And then, armed with this new-found ability and a desire to become the ‘Rookie of the Year’ he entered the world he had sworn he never would.
The Real Estate Rookie is the often ridiculous, sometimes absurd and always hilarious account of his journey from someone who would cringe at the very mention of Real Estate, to one who lived and breathed every moment of it.
“A fun read. I warmly recommend The Real Estate Rookie.”


A highly recommended read for anyone looking to read a light-hearted book authored by an experienced real estate agent. I like how the author shared some of the moments in his life from the real estate field, as it further validates the insights of real estate industry provided in this book. Blended with humor, this book is a quick read for anyone wanting to understand the real estate industry in an easy way. I look forward to more work from this author.


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