Book Review: Basically Frightened: Yet Another Slice of Post-Apocalyptia


Basically Frightened: Yet Another Slice of Post-Apocalyptia by [Pugh, Vasily]

Basically Frightened


You haven’t read anything like ‘Basically Frightened’ before – a genre-busting mix of post-apocalyptic action, adventure and suspense all heavily laced with whimsy and observational humour. An unlikely hero, a global pandemic, a tentative venture into a fractured world, ‘Basically Frightened’ has been described as ‘Shaun of the Dead’ meets ‘Pushing Daisies’, a slice of fiction that embraces what ordinary people might do when ‘The Shakes’ begin. Meet feral kids, roaming bands of the moderately psychotic, minor local celebrities, plucky heroines, loveable old ladies, people whose love of certain popular sci-fi villains has gone too far and a mysterious organisation simply known as ‘Order’.

With much more to come, ‘Basically Frightened’ is the first glorious step into a very different kind of dystopia. So it’s time to lift up the shutters, eat the last Mars Bar and meet a brave new world.
Be thrilled, be amused, be mildly distracted…be ‘Basically Frightened’.


If you think the previous version of the book had ruined your reading experience, the newly edited version will ensure that you could focus on the story without being distracted by the spelling errors that the book previously had.

A highly-imaginative writer who pulls us into a dystopian world in the future where the story personally connects with readers to force them to imagine living in a catastrophic society. The dark humor, captivating characters and settings will leave you wanting more from the author. It’s definitely a fresh idea of writing a dystopian book. A great read.


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