Book Review: Rehumanized Drew by K. M. Baginski


Drew Royce was a lot of things he didn’t want to be.
A murderer, rapist and ex-Windstalker. His humanity was poorly spent; and all he has after his taste of the supernatural is a battered and ignored soul. The weight of his actions visit him each night as proof he must still be alive.

But now, even as an abducted criminal, kept ward by an evolved Nephilim race and used as a weapon against their enemy, he still has to defeat the beast who stole his humanity – himself.


This book is highly recommended to anyone looking to have a good read on a supernatural story. Drew is a man who has returned to the human form once again after being turned into an Evo-Nephilim. Things from his past life that he can still remember hunt him down and readers can see him stumbling between being good and bad.

If you like reading anything related to Greek Mythology, this book is a must-read as you would love how the author had incorporated Greek Myth into this story.


This is a standalone book that is very captivating. Good for anyone looking to escape the reality for a bit.

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