Book Review: Time Without by Veronica R. Tabares

Time Without by [Tabares, Veronica R.]

Time Without


Vanessa is a strong, independent woman. Or she was, until she awoke in a world strangely changed. And when her husband and father of her children is in trouble, Vanessa realizes it is up to her to figure out what went so wrong in the world.

Vanessa’s journey takes her to the Department of Temporal Adjustment, the department tasked with handling all time travel, where she and her spunky kids go on a hilarious adventure through time—all while traveling incognito.


The characters in this book, a strong and independent mother and her kids, are extremely well-thought-out and the character development should be applauded as readers can engage with each and every one of them as the story evolves.

However, the best part of this book isn’t the characters. To me, I think the story that depicts how one woman takes everything that under her charge to help her troubled family is what I enjoyed most.

I love how the author creatively came up with the idea of time travel, making this science fiction book a whole new story that brings sheer pleasure to readers.

A 5 star review for this book.


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