Book Review: The Mentorian by Huni Hunfjord

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Join the prince and princess as they put aside their differences to save the last mentorian egg. If they work together, they can protect the egg from the carpet demons, the gulp-royals, the night terrors, the two-headed bald cerberus and all the others that want to steal this priceless egg. Discover how they overcome obstacles to protect their precious egg and find out if they will be able to protect the egg long enough, so that the mentorian can hatch?


Firstly, I love how the author stumbled upon the idea of writing this amazing book when he wanted to teach his own children who wouldn’t get along well. I think the author is creative in telling stories to children in a creative and persuasive way that would engage children with the story. This story is about how we as a community should work together in achieving a common goal. If you are a parent looking to teach your kids valuable lessons through stories, I recommend you to get this book to learn some tips on how to fascinate kids with the stories you tell.

A 5-star for this short but entertaining book!!

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