April Fantasy/Sci-fi Author Interview Answer #4 “How do you develop weapons with magic?”

Fantasy/Sci-fi Group Author Interview
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Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the April Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! The support from Fantasy/Sci-fi authors was amazing as we have 12 authors participating in this group author interview.

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So, the 4th question is “How do you develop weapons with magic?”

1) Author #1 : Eric Nierstedt 

I try to find weapons that really fit the kind of magic I’m using. For example, I’ve used magic based on elements (water, fire, etc.) so I try to think what kind of weapon would fit them. A trident works great for water, but not so much with wind. I also have to think of how the weapon can be used. I’ve used a hammer to control the earth because it’s easy to imagine it breaking the ground apart. Currently, my stories are based more on mythology, so there are examples for me to use and build on.

2) Author #2:  M.A.N. 

I gauge the power level of the world, how it’s operating and what kind of magic is being used. Then I give certain weapons different properties based on the type of magic available, and scale the power to that. I also think about what would make sense in that world as far as weapon development.

3) Author #3:  Peighton Weber 

Every weapon from my novel is forged from the blood of people with magical abilities.

4) Author #4:  Lisa Lowell 

Talismans can be weapons. They focus power more than go into battle. For example, Vamilion, the main protagonist in Ley Lines, uses his ax and pick to split the earth open. A canyon suddenly opening up in front of them tends to stop invading armies. In my subsequent books – written but not yet published – there’s a sword that can read the secret names of demons, a bracer that will block invasions and a staff that can move its wielder to another dimension. My magic weapons are usually only defensive, at least in the Wise Ones series.

5) Author #5:  Rachael Krotec 

The magic in my first book, Premonition, gives everyone special and unique abilities so that the weapons themselves are imbued with spells, rather than the weapon having its own magic.

6) Author #6:  Mark Piggott

Magic is a tool, like science is in our world. Keeping that in mind helped me develop magical weapons. I didn’t want a magic sword for the the sake of a magic sword, it had to have a purpose and a power behind it. As for spells, I wanted to create magic with a language based in our world. For that purpose, I used Latin for my spell-casting, but Dwarves (being from Scandinavia) use Old Norse for their spells. I tried to connect the myth with the language as appropriate.

Visualizing the possibility

8) Author #8: Steve Holder

I tend to write characters who think magically, so their actions and motives create the magic in their interactions with others who they seek to control.

9) Author #9: Dyane Forde

There aren’t many magical weapons in the books, but the ones that exist are inspired by the traits of the character using them as well as how the weapon influences those characters. They are, essentially, extensions of the character.

10) Author #10: David Chylde

My stripper/hunters use throwing knives, spellbursts, and silver stars.

11) Author #11: Irene Helenowski

I just think about what weapons would be most used in the time periods. In medieval fairy tales, it was swords, for example. In modern times, we have guns.

12) Author #12:  Ellwyn Autumn 

When my characters have a need for one I try to come up with something that’s effective and follows the rules of the world.

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