April Fantasy/Sci-fi Author Interview Answer #6 “What kind of inventions do you write that could feasibly be science fact?”

Fantasy/Sci-fi Group Author Interview
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Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the April Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! The support from Fantasy/Sci-fi authors was amazing as we have 12 authors participating in this group author interview.

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So, the 6th question is “What kind of inventions do you write that could feasibly be science fact?”

1) Author #1 : Eric Nierstedt 

I’m primarily a fantasy write, so I don’t have any inventions like that.

2) Author #2:  M.A.N. 

Some that are mostly just improvements of current technology, like a weapon making use of sound or electricity. Or a laser gun of sorts, or even gloves/gauntlets that can project things like fire and electricity. Those don’t seem to farfetched.

3) Author #3:  Peighton Weber 

I’m a fantasy author, so most of my world is based around magic. There aren’t many scientific inventions featured in my novel.

4) Author #4:  Lisa Lowell 

I am hoping that someday I will invent a way to pay employees based on the calories they burn (mental and physical labor). That way, on a day when I come home exhausted, working as a middle school teacher, after making a million decisions on the fly, I’ll get a paycheck worthy of all the work. Also, maybe then they’ll believe teaching is a career on the par with being a doctor and a lawyer. By the way, no one can use my idea. I have already written it into my sci-fi manuscript called Dual.

5) Author #5:  Rachael Krotec 

Premonition doesn’t have any inventions, since the world is based in magic.

6) Author #6:  Mark Piggott

I created a weapon called a Gunstar which fired rounds created through alchemy. It’s not 100% science fact but since a lot of alchemy is based on our own science today, it’s feasible.

The possibility of another earth existing alongside ours

8) Author #8: Steve Holder

Thought control and mind enslavement.

9) Author #9: Dyane Forde

Probably none. That wasn’t something I thought about.

10) Author #10: David Chylde

I’m a firm believer in psychics and tarot card readers–that maybe?

11) Author #11: Irene Helenowski

I’ve seen a lot about proving the multiverse theory to be true and how particles could move between dimensions, something explored in my trilogy.

12) Author #12:  Ellwyn Autumn 

In Chris Kringle’s Cops The First Mission, I added a weapon called a Bitter Ball. It sucks the jolly (their life essence) out of people. I could see a twisted politician searching for a weapon like this.

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