July YA Author Interview Answer #1 “What makes your work different from the other YA novels?”

July YA Author Interview
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Hello everyone! We are behind schedule for the July author interview as we had difficulties to get the last three authors to send in their answers and we had to find new authors to replace the three authors who had signed up earlier for the interview. Nevertheless, I am happy to finally be able to publish the answers from all of them for the interview series.

It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the July Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! Thank you for the support from the 12 Young Adult authors who have participated in this group author interview.

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So, the 1st question is “What makes your work different from the other YA novels?”

1) Author #1: Jesse Frankel

I’d like to think that my work turns certain tropes on their heads. While there is nothing new under the sun, plot-wise, there are ways to ‘twist’ certain tropes to your advantage. I’m not afraid of introducing something new or killing off one of the main characters if it helps to advance the plot. I think that my work is better paced than most out there, and offers the reader something new, a fantastic adventure that gets better with every reading.

2) Author #2:  Roxanne San Jose

The story because it is not an everyday experience when someone invented a time machine and his or her loved ones accidentally transported back in time.

3) Author #3: Diane Guntrip

‘Dear H’ was written for a target audience of 10 years +. However, a lot of adults have read this book and tell me it reminds them of incidents in their past. The subject of both, ‘Dear H’, and the sequel, ‘The Daisy Chain’, which was written to appeal to girls of 13 years +, is bullying and associated issues, so it is a worldwide topic that resonates with young and old. One girl told me the book ‘spoke’ to her as it contained ‘messages’.

4) Author #4: Katy Mitchell

While there are relationships in my book, the story is not necessarily romance-centred. Also, the setting is quite different; a seemingly sleepy village in the Lancashire countryside (north west of England).

5) Author #5: Marisa Noelle

I think my work is different to other YA novels because of who I am. I am the only one who has lived my experiences and has my imagination and ideas and so a unique voice is put down in my books. Mental health issues are important to me and so there’s always a thread of that in each book I write to one degree or another. I think the authors I have read in my youth have influenced my style too in that I write a fast paced thriller.

6) Author #6: Amy Beashel

My voice, I hope. I’ve worked hard to create characters whose voices carry the reader straight into the inner-workings of their hearts and minds. It’s intended to feel very immediate. I love love love words. Their sounds. Their rhythm within a sentence. The poetry of different metaphors. And all that could all sound kind of naff but it’s so key to the way I write.

7) Author #7: T.K. Kiser

The Firebrand Legacy is about a 13-year-old girl from the rough part of the fantasy coastal city of Esten. Unlike the townspeople, who celebrate the dragon Kavariel, Carine hates it for killing her sister years before. But when the dragon doesn’t show up for its annual Festival, the kingdom finds itself vulnerable to a threat of dark magic from the north. It is in searching for safety that Carine’s life becomes tangled with fraternal twin princes David and Giles. The Manakor Chronicles is a YA fantasy for younger YA readers, readers who want adventure, friendship, and just the right amount of romantic interest.

8) Author #8: K.B. Shinn

It’s hard to say. Every author strives to create something that’s unique. Two people telling the same story won’t tell that story in the same way. The characters will say different lines, have different motivations, all subject to the whim of the storyteller. I heard somewhere that there are maybe eight different plot lines, but an infinite way to tell them. I’d be a little hesitant to say my work is different from other novels, except to say that no one’s storytelling voice is quite like mine, just like mine isn’t like anyone else’s.

9) Author #9: Shirley McCann

The Scarry Inn series is based on something that really could happen to anyone. For a long time, I didn’t find stories like this, although I’m happy to see more and more YA writers coming back to basics.

10) Author #10: Claire Moore

I describe it as Game of Thrones meets Percy Jackson

11) Author #11: Jeremy Smith

Me. No two writers are the same.

12) Author #12) Jon Hartless

I’ve not read a huge number so I can’t say for sure, but those I have read tend toward the very high stakes; “the fate of the world hangs on Martin Buggins finding the lost beaker of Ethersred, otherwise perpetual darkness will rule the land! Can he find the beaker, rescue his friends and find the courage to ask Helen out? OR IS THE WORLD DOOMED?!?” My Steampunk series, Full Throttle and Rise of the Petrol Queen, are far more earth-bound, but arguably therefore more important. Take away the Steampunk elements and you’re left with the story of a working-class disabled girl trying to fight her way through a man’s world, facing down prejudice and hatred from almost every section of society as she struggles to compete on a non-existent level playing field.

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