July YA Author Interview Answer #3 “Have you written anything based on your life experiences?”

Photo by Otega July on Pexels.com July YA Author Interview Answer 3 “Have you written anything based on your life experiences?”

Photo by Otega July on Pexels.com

Hello everyone! We are behind schedule for the July author interview as we had difficulties to get the last three authors to send in their answers and we had to find new authors to replace the three authors who had signed up earlier for the interview. Nevertheless, I am happy to finally be able to publish the answers from all of them for the interview series.

It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the July Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! Thank you for the support from the 12 Young Adult authors who have participated in this group author interview.

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So, the 3rd question is “Have you written anything based on your life experiences?”

1) Author #1: Jesse Frankel

Hmmm…no, not really, although in my latest novel, I did incorporate something that my sister does. In my novel, What The Gods Allow, one of the main characters has an older sister who makes custom-made jewelry on consignment. In real life, my sister does the same thing, so I based that character partially upon her.

2) Author #2:  Roxanne San Jose

Not yet.

3) Author #3: Diane Guntrip

No I haven’t. However, there are elements in both books that are linked with my own experiences. Like Amanda, I had a burning desire to be a singer at one stage in my life.

4) Author #4: Katy Mitchell

I think my protagonist and I share some character traits!

5) Author #5: Marisa Noelle

I have an unpublished novel based on my experience with an anxiety disorder and much of the mental health issues in The Shadow Keepers is own voices.

6) Author #6: Amy Beashel

I finished The Sky Is Mine, in which Izzy is subjected to sexual and emotional abuse from two male characters, just as the #MeToo movement kicked off. Izzy’s experiences are a reworking of things that happened to my friends and me. In light of #MeToo, it quickly became apparent – as if we didn’t already know – that those experiences were not unique to us and that girls and women everywhere were, like Izzy, finding trying to find their voice.

7) Author #7: T.K. Kiser

There is no way not to. I see different parts of myself in each of the characters, especially Carine, David, and Giles. No character, however, is based 100% on a person from my real life.

8) Author #8: K.B. Shinn

I tend to write fantasy, but even fantasy has elements of truth in it. The characters I create have little pieces of people I know, or things they’ve said. In some of my works in progress, characters have jobs based off of jobs I’ve had, or wanted to have. And if I’m being really honest, my protagonists tend to overthink things a lot, something I know all too well.

9) Author #9: Shirley McCann

Yes. The Scarry Inn was based on a horrible trip my family took on the way home to Missouri from California.

10) Author #10: Claire Moore

I was very shy as a child and found the world noisy and harsh and difficult to navigate and I made a few mistakes as a teenager trying to find my place. I think all this is reflected in my writing.

11) Author #11: Jeremy Smith

Life experience creeps into every book. It’s the small details that bring sparkle to a page. Don’t just drink the coffee, smells the grinds.

12) Author #12) Jon Hartless

Struggles with officialdom, certainly, though thankfully not to the extent my heroine, Poppy, has to. It’s probably fairer to say the experiences in my books are an amalgamation of real-life experiences drawn from numerous sources including history books, academia, social media etc.

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