July YA Author Interview Answer #10 “Slang words for YA novels. Yes or no?”

Slang words for YA novels. Yes or no?

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Hello everyone! We are behind schedule for the July author interview as we had difficulties to get the last three authors to send in their answers and we had to find new authors to replace the three authors who had signed up earlier for the interview. Nevertheless, I am happy to finally be able to publish the answers from all of them for the interview series.

It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the July Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! Thank you for the support from the 12 Young Adult authors who have participated in this group author interview.

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So, the 10th question is “Slang words for YA novels. Yes or no?”

1) Author #1: Jesse Frankel


2) Author #2:  Roxanne San Jose

I very rarely use slang or swear words. With slang, today’s slang is tomorrow’s passe slang. I don’t try to be clever or pithy. Too many authors try to be pithy, and as I said in one of my novels, I can kick the pith out of anyone. 😉 As for swearing, I very rarely drop the S-bomb (or worse). Many authors do, and it gets kind of mind number after a while. If it’s done at a crucial moment in the story, fine, but all the time, no.

3) Author #3: Diane Guntrip

I do not use slang words as it is not in the nature of my character to do so. However, I see no problem in using slang words as long as they are not offensive.

4) Author #4: Katy Mitchell

I think it depends on what kind of book you are writing. I use some colloquial expressions native to the north west of England, because of the setting.

5) Author #5: Marisa Noelle

Sure. I think if you can stick to global ones, like “cool” etc then the book won’t date so quickly, but local slang can also add a flavour to the book too, or show us a dimension of character if the MC is prone to using a particular word.

6) Author #6: Amy Beashel

For me, yes. I love words, slang included and believe they offer a sense of how someone moves through the world.

7) Author #7: T.K. Kiser

Yes! In The Manakor Chronicles, Carine and the princes use their own slang, which is often used by the young people in Navafort.

8) Author #8: K.B. Shinn

Slang can be great, especially if you’re writing a period piece. Language is one of those things that can really boost the authenticity of a story. But context is key–it’s a delicate balance between being clear and trusting that the reader knows what the characters are trying to say.

9) Author #9: Shirley McCann

No. It dates your story.

10) Author #10: Claire Moore

No. It dates your story.

11) Author #11: Jeremy Smith

NO. NO. NO. It’s not big and it’s not clever. By the time it’s published it will be out of date and will probably sound fake anyway.

12) Author #12) Jon Hartless

No. It dates too easily. Unless you make up your own vernacular within a unique world.

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