An Interview with Srividya Bhaskara (ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON)

Srividya Bhaskara

Srividya Bhaskara is a Graduate from Department of Electronics and Communication engineering ,JNTU, Hyderabad, India.She is passionate about Literature, Fine arts, Music, Gardening, Creative writing, painting & childcare.she is very passionate about Gardening, especially HIBISCUS AND ROSES.

ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON: Discover the Cumulative and Deadly effects of Added sugars used in Processed food

This book is a simple yet insightful guide to gain information about all aspects of ADDED SUGARS AND THEIR DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS TO THE SOCIETY. Increasing metabolic disorders in children due to large consumption of ADDED SUGARS in processed food is the Key Motivating factor for Conception of this book.

  1. Where are you from?

My name is Srividya Bhaskara. I am an Indian and I live in the city of  Hyderabad.

2. Why do you write?

Writing is a simple yet wonderful form of expression of My thoughts, ideas, imagination. I can bond with people all over the world with My New ideas, stories. I can share my treasure of joys, suggestions, information, lessons to my readers with lots of ease.

I can create my own world of stories, characters, fun, research and share it with my friends and readers. A writer has a unique privilege to form a  bond of friendship without being physically present.

3. What do you write about?

The topics I choose for writing  are wide and thought provoking. I generally write topics related to Non fiction such as health and fitness.i do write short stories which have humour, subtle characters which we come across in  our daily  lives.i have not confined myself to a particular genre,it  all depends on the need of the hour and motivation.

I have now published an ebook “ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON” in amazon. The book signifies the harmful and dangerous effects about added sugars which are hidden in the processed food items which we consume daily.

These added sugars act as silent killers and cause chronic metabolic disorders like obesity, type-2 diabetes, Non-alcoholic fatty liver.

4. What are the obstacles that come in the way of writing?

In the beginning days of my writing, I had 2 main obstacles in the process of writing my ebook.

  • Noisy surroundings: As I live in a city environment, with too much traffic, with no quiet secluded corner. I found concentrating on my work little difficult. But as I have finished writing my first ebook I have matured and learnt to cope and write. I take early hours of my day, wake up early in the morning when the external environment is calm. Regular practice helped me learn concentration, commitment in the process of learning and writing a book.
  • Formatting the chapters:  As I started my first book, I was flooded with lots of information, sometimes I used to get perplexed about the sequence and flow of  information and chapters. But once I obtained  clarity about what I want to give to the readers, I got to know how to put that information correctly in an order.

Book writing is wonderful art and Just like any art, book writing also requires patience, experience, love and time.

5.How long have you been been writing?

I have been writing since my childhood and school days. I have been a member of  literary club in my school, wrote short stories for various competitions. From the past one year I have started writing ebooks and I published my first book “ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON” In amazon.

6. When did you first realize that you wanted to become a writer?

I was a voracious reader right from childhood, read children’s books, animated series, short stories, detective stories, humorous and witty short stories. Reading inspired me to write and express and share my own   personal experiences. I found happiness in writing and sharing my words and thoughts to my readers.

It was when my english teachers in my school and college days appreciated and encouraged my short stories, I realized that I should become a writer.

7. How long it takes to write a book ?

It depends upon the type of book you are writing a book (long book/short book). There are mainly 2 types of books available in the market. There are ebooks, paperback books.

There are 3 important stages in ebook/book publication:

  • Preparation of manuscript & cover page of the book (ideally 3 months for short books): Well, prepared manuscript is the foundation for the success of any book. Hence, a writer needs to take sufficient time to give best quality of content to the readers. An attractive cover page is also important to drive the audience to read a book.
  • Formatting of the book (kindle /microsoft / epub/mobi (1 month)): The manuscript has to properly formatted to fit for e- readers/ kindle devices.The diagrams, jpg images, page margins, flow charts, sentence spacing, paragraph spacing, page settings have to be done neatly.
  • Uploading the book to amazon or other platforms (15 days to 1 month): Depends upon the no. of platforms your book needs to be published. There are good no. of publishers apart from amazon which publish ebooks, paperback print on demand books.

 It takes a total of 5 -6 months for a short book to be neatly published.

8. Do you have any suggestions on how to become a better writer?

As I am a beginner in writing books , it will be too early  for me to give advice. But I can give some tips which will reduce some strain.

1. Plan every step of book writing (create a daily schedule)

2. Do enjoy the process of writing (treat it as your child)

3. Do not be afraid of mistakes /criticism( there always will be some amount of criticism)

4. Set a deadline, so that you always feel motivated.

5. Always remember that we grow from our first book.

6. Keep things as simple as possible.

9. What do you think it takes a good story?

A good story is an honest account of a writer of his experiences, information, joys and sorrows. A good story is simple and touches the heart of the reader with its true words.

10. Do you have anything to share with your readers?

Hi friends,

Just wanted to share a good news!

My kindle ebook “ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON” is going live on Aug 14th. I want to spread the message about how added sugars have silently crept into our lives through numerous processed food items like: daily cereals, sweetened yogurt, sodas, soft drinks, diet coke, ketchups, sports drinks, and are causing major damage to our health.        

These added / refined sugars are silent killers, cause metabolic disorders like: Obesity, insulin resistance, Type-2 diabetes,Non-alcoholic Fatty liver, cardiovascular problems.

Come! Let us save our future generations and children from sugary drinks, processed foods.

11. What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

I give my book writing a high priority, so I take time in early mornings when the rest of the environment is quiet, calm & peaceful. I do all my book writing and research in solitude.


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