My debut book ‘From Stressed to Sorted’ out now – need your support!

If you’re into non-fiction, you will want to check this book out!

SoulSpeak with Sonam

As an avid reader, I’ve spent my fair share of time poring over book reviews on Goodreads. And yet, in all the hours I spent with my head buried in a book, fantasizing about the idealistic world of Enid Blyton, the thrill of a fast-paced Agatha Christie, or the magnanimity of Jane Austen’s Georgian society, never did I imagine myself having an author page of my own.

But as they say, what’s meant to be, will be. Life, in a disarming way, will sometime prod you and nudge you until you are on the path to your inner calling. And so, here I am.

It brings tears to my eyes to announce that my first ebook “From Stressed to Sorted’ is now available for purchase on Amazon. That this is a huge milestone for me goes without saying.
It is dedicated to my Ma, who was very much involved in…

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