Author Interview with Nicole Adrianne

Nicole Adrianne

Nicole Adrianne, the mind behind the Miles & Breaker series, is a self-taught professional content writer and author. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her two cats and spends her time there volunteering to provide free educational programs to immigrants in their native languages. She has a background in software design and a passion for literature, technology, linguistics, and food.

  • Where are you from?
    Originally from Massachusetts, USA, I now live in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Why do you write? 
    I have stories I want to tell! I want to make people think, and I want to encourage people to make the world a better place through my work.
  • What do you write about? 
    I like to write stories that take place in dystopian or high-tech environments, and I explore themes of equality, education, technology, and social justice quite often.
  • Do you have a specific writing style?
    I prefer to write in first-person because it allows the reader immediate access to what my character is feeling and going through. I also prefer a slightly more whimsical style, similar to Douglas Adams or Lemony Snicket, while retaining more serious subject matter.
  • What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? 
    My health is the biggest obstacle. I fight with Lupus, Asperger’s, and depression daily, and trying to make a living on top of that leaves me with little energy for writing. But, I make the most of the time and energy I do have and work as hard as I can!
  • Whats the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?
    That it made them laugh. I love when people come away from my books feeling happy and connected to my characters.
  • How long have you been writing?
    Professionally, for two years. I’ve been writing stories on my own for eighteen years, though. It’s given me a lot of time to perfect the craft!
  • When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?
    When I was three years old and wrote my first self-illustrated book series about a particularly adventurous worm. I even bound the books myself with a stapler.
  • What is your work schedule like when you are writing?
    I try to devote at least ten hours a week to writing or editing, and I use the Pomodoro method of working for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. It keeps me at top productivity.
  • What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
    Most of my female characters are skilled in typically male-dominated fields. For example, my YA heroine from the Miles & Breaker series, Jada Breaker, is a skilled hacker and coder.
  • How long does it take to write a book?
    My first book took 8 years to finish, but I think a reasonable timeframe is between 2-6 months from outlining to final revision.
  • Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer? Absolutely. When another writer or author gives you criticism, listen to them! If you already think your writing is perfect, you’ll never get any better.
  • What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story?
    I have the hardest time actually sitting down and writing the draft. I’m such a perfectionist that I hesitate to commit to even simple words or phrases. I constantly have to remind myself that the first draft is just for making the book exist; it becomes functional and effective later on.
  • What do you think makes a good story?
    All of my favorite stories have elements of mystery and romance, and I love when technology plays a huge role. Well-rounded female characters make me really happy. Lastly, I love when I walk away from a story thinking about a big concept, like how I can improve my world or how I can treat other people in a better way.
  • What does your family think of your writing? 
    They’re my biggest fans! I’m grateful they’re so supportive.
  • Do you see writing as a career?
    Definitely. I plan to support myself fully with my writing in six years’ time. 
  • Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers?
    That I love Rowan Miles, the co-protagonist of Miles & Breaker, and that I wish he existed in real life. I hope you love him as much as I do!
  • When did you first consider yourself a writer?
    The first time I was paid for my work. I was 15 and someone donated $50 to my story in hopes that I would publish it someday. Because of that donation, I never gave up on my story, and it now exists today as Miles & Breaker: Alpha, available on Amazon:
  • Describe yourself in five words:
    Impulsive, determined, emotional, intelligent, diverse.
  • What fact about yourself would really surprise people? 
    I used to live in a Devon Rex cattery – a home where Devon Rex cats are bred. Actually, it was really cool!
  •  How do you work through self-doubts and fear? 
    Using CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps a lot! I self-study books by Dr. David Burns.
  • What scares you the most? 
    Being unable to do the things I love.
  • What makes you happiest? 
    Feeling the mutual love and support between myself and my loved ones.
  • What writing are you most proud of?
    So far, this one! Miles & Breaker: Alpha.
  • What books did you love growing up? 
    A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and The Neverending Story by Michael Ende.
  • How did you develop your writing?
    By posting my work online and getting lots and lots of feedback from other writers and avid readers. The feedback was hard to swallow at times, but it made me so much better! I also learned how to outline effectively, and I’m currently working on increasing my writing speed.
  • What is hardest – getting published, writing or marketing? 
    Currently, I think marketing is my biggest challenge. I hope that will change soon though!
  •  What marketing works for you?
    Partnering with book blogs, Amazon ads, and Pinterest ads.
  •  Do you find it hard to share your work? 
    Sometimes, but it’s necessary to share my work to grow, or to make any income!
  • Do your friends support you? 
    More than anyone. We trade projects and writing tips, and they’re always the first to preorder my books.
  •  What else do you do, other than write? 
    I’m a freelance content writer, transcriber, social media marketer, and software developer. I also do a lot of volunteer work in the educational field!
  •  What other jobs have you had in your life? 
    I’ve delivered groceries, run a customer service desk, taught English as a second language, been a private tutor, and taught piano and music theory. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
  •  Tell us about your family? 
    My family is half German and half New Englander (USA). We’re a quiet, yet opinionated bunch. We love playing board games and spoiling our cats!
  •  How do you write – lap top, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk? 
    I outline using index cards but prefer to write on my tablet or laptop. I’m experimenting with dictation software at the moment to see if that will improve my writing speeds.
  •  How much sleep do you need to be your best? 
    9-10 hours. I’m actually a sloth.
  •  Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you? 
    To me, I’ll have attained success in writing when I can quit all my other jobs and support myself just on income from my fiction.
  •  Tell us about your new book?
    Miles & Breaker: Alpha, is a YA dystopian novella that combines the competition of the Hunger Games with the innocent adventure of Narnia and the technological conspiracy of Ready Player One.
  •  When you are not writing, how do you like to relax? 
    By playing piano, reading, and cuddling with my cats.

I hope you enjoy Miles & Breaker: Alpha, available on Amazon

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