Dying to Meet Jesus: An Author Interview with Randy Kay

Randy Kay

Randy Kay is CEO of PACEsetters, a human development firm with diverse clients, including Fortune 100 companies and Christian organizations, and chairman and CEO of TenorCorp, a strategic development firm that has launched several companies. Kay has written for Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and is sought after for interviews by national broadcasting networks, having trained over one million people and coached leaders throughout the world. His breakthrough research on thriving in life spanned several decades, and uncovered practical ways to overcome trials and attain God’s purpose for one’s life. He lives in Carlsbad, California.

1. Tell us about your book:Be Prepared to Meet the Author of Love

Dying to Meet Jesus is about a child in trouble . . . financial stress . . . broken relationships . . . and in the book I try answering the question as to if it possible to find God’s heart when barriers seem to stand in the way?

We all face difficult times when we struggle just to keep looking up. For me, the challenge was extreme: I died. But at that juncture I met God and was restored to a life of joy he had never thought possible.

Dying to Meet Jesus

2. You were an agnostic at some point in your life.

I spent most of his adult years as a devout agnostic. Then one day, after an accident that ended my life, I met the One I had sought to disprove. From that time, though many challenges lay ahead, mysense of emptiness was transformed into genuine joy.

Through my own and many other stories, I demonstrate not only that God is present when we need Him, but that our trials can actually lead us to true intimacy with the One who loves us beyond all measure.

3. What kind of reviews are you getting for Dying to Meet Jesus:

“Randy expresses the heart of Christ in a compassionate way few can deny.”–DR. JIM GARLOW, New York Times bestselling author

“Randy Kay explains how we can draw closer to God as He uses brokenness to draw us closer to Him. It all adds up to one compelling book that carries tremendous weight.”–PASTOR TOMMY BARNETT, author; co-pastor, Dream City Church

4. Tell us about yourself:

I am CEO of PACEsetters and chairman and CEO of TenorCorp. I have written for Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Our team’s breakthrough research on thriving in life spans several decades, as we uncovered practical ways to overcome trials. I have also authored six books, been a CEO of a biotech and media company, and an executive for a Fortune 10 company. I am an ordained Christian minister as well.

The book blurb:

Where is God when my suffering seems never-ending? Can I really find joy in this fallen world? This powerful book confronts these questions with stories of the author’s near-death experience, a daughter’s suicide attempt, mental illness, and numerous other gripping stories that demonstrate not only that God is present when we need him, but that through our trials we can find true intimacy with him.

Author Randy Kay recounts how, as a former devout agnostic, he survived a near-fatal accident while searching for the truth–and when he met the One he sought to disprove, his journey changed from a life of extreme trials into one of genuine joy. In these pages, Kay offers his testimony to show readers how God uses suffering and brokenness to build an intimate and indestructible relationship with him, while breaking down barriers and ushering the reader into an authentic relationship with the Author of love.


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