Book Review: The Water’s Fine by Janice Coy

The Water’s Fine


Catalina Rodrigues believes she’s living her best life, traveling to exotic locations around the world as a scuba dive master, spending every moment possible in her beloved ocean. Bertie Clark is excited for a week-long scuba trip with her husband exploring the underwater wonders of an ocean teeming with life – the Sea of Cortez. But a tragedy on their dive boat sends both women into uncharted territory, questioning what they’ve always thought to be true and fostering an unlikely friendship. Will either trust the invitation to “come on in, the water’s fine” again?


What seemed to start off as a slow read started to build momentum bit by bit, and as the mystery unfolded, the slow start to the book felt like the strange sense of calmness in the ocean before a tsunami! The book drew my interest like quicksand.

The story started with Catalina, who is a scuba diving dive master, going on a trip with a group of divers. She quickly becomes friends with Bertie, Max’s wife who is accompanying Max for the trip. I find the story enjoyable with the two female characters having a strong bond of friendship despite having different interests. A fellow diver in the trip passes away, and the suspense builds up after Catalina arrived home from the horrifying trip.

An enjoyable, suspenseful read. I would give it a 4 star


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Water’s Fine by Janice Coy

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed ‘The Water’s Fine’! I loved the scuba diving angle, it was so fresh.

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