An Interview with Author Jaroslaw Kotkowski (Free Kindle from 12th through 14th March)

Jaroslaw Kotkowski
Jaroslaw Kotkowski

For over the past 30 years, Jaroslaw Kotkowski is researching creating love, relationships, happiness, the spiritual connection. At present, he is coaching believers who want to learn love creating skills individually through his homepage: Jaroslaw also started a group project through his other homepage: He hopes to help countries, world organizations to preserve world peace. His new programs aim at connecting humanity with spirits from the life part of the non-material world.

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Love Step By Step: Create a connection and a relationship with a man

Where are you from?

I am Jaroslaw Kotkowski, I was born in Poland and I am naturalized US citizen. I am Relationships and Love, mentor and coach.

Why do you write? 

I write so I can help people with Love and Relationships any way I can. Love and Relationships are immense phenomenon. These are the amazingly interesting an involving, and I experience abundance of Love in my earthly life and in my Spirit.

What do you write about? 

I write books about Love and Relationships, that combine information about Love and Relationships with practical ways to create Love and The Spiritual Connection between people on individual and global levels.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I write straight in English but English is not my native language. My goal is to find the way to explain Love and Relationships in the most simple way, because I want my information to have a practical use, so people can find Love and Relationships accessible to them and welcome Love and Relationships into their Spirits.

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? 

I have found in my earthly life that creating Love and Relationships is possible and fun, while many people struggle with it. The understanding of Love and Relationship I have discovered is new and different from the popular beliefs. Like anything that is new the obstacle is; how to point a readers attention she (he) can benefit from what I write in the major way?

Whats the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?

This is my first book I am publishing on Kindle so at the end of my book I share a contact info to me. This way I hope to hear from my readers a lot of great things, because Love and Relationships are the most amazing phenomenon, and I feel I could talk about them forever.

How long have you been writing?

My writing started from me writing down my notes on Love and Relationships from my own life. I have noticed I am receiving too many information and my human brain will not remember it unless I write it down. Then like two years ago I started to write books, because the information I have can be divided into many categories.

 When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

I remember once my girlfriend said to me: “How do you know Love so well? You probably wrote a book”. At that moment something happened, and I felt I have to write a book one day. I just did not believe I could. I guess, I felt people might not believe in what I write, and I was afraid of being ridiculed. But I am not afraid anymore, because I have realized what I know might be important for many people.

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

I write at night. I usually wake up between 2-4 am. Then I meditate and I write when there is a complete silence around me.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I guess, this is combining writing with meditating.

How long does it take to write a book?

During the daytime I do not have the time to write books. If I had the time to write straight that could take much faster. I would need to find a secluded place for this. Sometimes I write half of a book and I forget about it, or where did I save my file. I want to stabilize my writing lifestyle. I will when I become more successful and known as a writer. For now, I just have to write whenever I can, so it is hard to say how long does it take for me to write a book.

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer?

I have no idea how to become a better writer. I am not even sure if I am familiar with English grammar in the first place. I just write the way it feels right. For now, my goal is to find the most helpful writing style, so I could help people to stop struggling with Love, Relationships and start becoming Love.

What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story?

The worst that can happen when I write are two things: any noise coming from the material world, and if I have to stop writing for some external reason. Other than that, I could write without stopping.

What do you think makes a good story?

My stories are about one thing and that is Love. I have found that any good story must have Love in it. Our life stories also have to have Love to be good. I just found that Love is the story that never ends.

What does your family think of your writing?

My family think I am crazy and great. I am crazy because it is not possible to change the world for the better. I am great because they love me and I love them too, so we all act a bit crazy sometimes.

Do you see writing as a career?

I see writing as something I must do. Also, something I wish to support my family with. I am afraid; if I can’t support my family with writing I would have to choose between writing, and my family. But I want to choose; my family, writing, and my fans.

Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers?

I love you and I am sending Love to you with my book

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

This is my first book right here. So, I guess I am in the process of becoming a writer.

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