Book Review: The 36 Watchers book II: Spring by Dan Bar Hava

Dan Bar Hava

Dan Bar Hava was born and raised in Jerusalem. Creativity was anessential part of his life early on, with music being the focus during teens and young adulthood, and writing thereafter. After serving inthe military and phase one of higher education, Dan moved to the US. He has co-written the film Falling Star (aka Goyband), a romantic comedy featuring Adam Pascal and Natasha Lyonne; and Brooklyn All American, a coming-of-age sports tale.Dan’s first book, The 36 Watchers, book I: Fall. Came out in 2019. The sequel, “The 36 Watchers book II: Spring, is slated to be published in 2021.

Book 2

Jenna is going on her first Watcher assignment, helping a major historical event into becoming a reality.

Reviewer: Yasir Sulaiman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Simply Awesome!

The series just gets better with this one! The Author – Dan Bar Hava keeps readers of this book hooked from page 1! I can at least claim to have undergone that effect! The author has done a great job in combining certain important events in the world with religion and science. I believe the objective of any book (especially fiction) of any genre is to make the reader feel involved with the content inside. He/she must be enabled to relate with the characters.  And this is exactly what Dan Bar did with the second installment of the “36 watchers: Spring.”  The book starts with a mysterious character named “Henry”. I emphasize “mysterious” because this Henry character comes only at the beginning and end of the book; but he has a large role to play in it.  The story is complex but the base-line is how a group known as the “Watchers” attempts to bring to reality or actually accomplish something that was planned over the world’s history- crossing thousands and hundreds of years. Amazingly, the book has references to all major cultures and or religions of the globe.

Without giving any “spoiler” and without revealing too much of the plot, the “watchers” are a group of 36 anonymous members who “watch” different incidents in history for a bigger objective.  None of the members know each other and they contact through a “mind-contact” of some sort. That is, they can feel each others’ presence though I wish to correct myself; they are not supposed to contact each other. Jenna is the main character and she occupies most of the plot. She receives instructions from Uncle Josh.  The author-Dan Bar Hava has beautifully blended science with faith in this book and you begin to wonder, “if that is possible”, or “why can’t it be?”

Besides Jenna and Uncle Josh (please count Henry as well), core characters in this book are named Chris, Stephanie, along with Yoav. As mentioned, the author has described different incidents in the history of the world; be it from Egypt, the Mediterranean, and old an Jewish discipline. I am fascinated by how multiple complex events from history were combined together in this one book. And when I mention history, please also include events from the recent past.

 The author has given me and will surely give other readers certain aspects they will have to think of. I especially liked his connection between science and religion. I do not wish to describe more of the characters or the happenings/timelines as that could reveal large portions of the book’s plot.  The mystery and urge to know what comes next are the main USPs of this book. Unfortunately, the book has some flaws as well. For one, certain characters did not match. For example, a female character is said to be like a niece in one place and she is described as a romantic link in another, though uncle-like feelings were clearly demonstrated by the male character.  Also, there were a few typing error. The author’s narration style was good- it resembled conversations or thoughts instead of complete sentences.  However, the formatting could have been better. Along with these, the lack of clarity in some portions could be a dampener as readers could take some time to understand what the author is saying. It is only for these reasons; I am stopping short of a complete five-star. Otherwise, this book was revolutionary!


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