Author Interview with Hasina Knox

Hasina Knox has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. She would describe herself as a curious Author and she receives inspiration from her real life experiences. As a part of her writing process, she loves immersing herself in her projects; diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning of the stories that she feels her audiences can relate to.

Hasina was born in Bangladesh but was orphaned as a baby and raised in an orphanage. She was later adopted and came to Canada when she was 3 years old. Ever since she read the Grimm Brother’s “Fairy Tales” book, she had a love of writing. She started off with writing short stories when she was only 8 years old, then found an interest in writing poetry when she was a teenager and then became interested in writing children’s books as an adult. She had two of her poems published in a literary book when she was a teenager and received an Honorary Mention certificate.

She has been happily married for 25 years and raised their 4 wonderful children as a stay-at-home mom in their home in Toronto. She has been told throughout her lifetime that she should write her autobiography but she never considered it until recently. However, her husband always said she should write a children’s book so with his support and encouragement she finally decided to do so this year. Her children and her experiences as a family are what inspires her to write these books. She hopes they bring you a sense of adventure and instill a love of reading for all your young ones!

Hasina’s future endeavours include writing more beloved children stories and going on many more adventures with her family. However, in the past few months her focus has also been on searching for her biological parents and any of her family members. While she is a writer at heart, we also look forward to the outcome of the search for her family. We may even be privileged with an autobiography from her in the near future!

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COMING SOON…her third children’s book in this series called “A Discovery of Smells”. Her books are available in paperback, hardcover, eBook forms and as a series.

In the meantime, Hasina would LOVE it if you would read her first, second and third published children’s book called “A Journey of Tastes”, “A Sightseeing Adventure” and “A Journey of Flavours” (which is the follow-up to her first children’s book and includes 17 diverse, flavourful recipes from the world’s 7 largest countries!) and please leave positive reviews for her on Amazon.

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Please introduce yourself and where are you from? Hello, my name is Hasina Knox and I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was orphaned as a baby but was later adopted at 3 years old and came to Canada. As an adult, I have been a stay-at-home mother to my 4 wonderful children for 19 years now.

What are your hobbies apart from writing? My hobbies have expanded over the past few years. As much as I like to read a good book, I prefer to be more of a movie junkie. I’ve also enjoyed taking Latin dance classes with my husband, learning astronomy, playing chess, taking iPhone photography classes, and hosting Zoom cooking classes and blanket finger-knitting classes online with friends and family.

Why do you write? When I was a young child I read the Grimm Brother’s “Fairy Tales” book, and ever since then I had a love of reading and writing. I’ve always liked writing short stories since I was 8 years old. I had a wild imagination and it became like a getaway and an escape from my personal life. Eventually, I started writing poetry and longer stories.

What do you write about? I write about life experiences. Aren’t those the best kind of writings, lol? My children’s books are based on my family and our adventures.

My first children’s book is called “A Journey of Flavours” (includes A Journey of Tastes – a book I wrote from the beginning but decided to add 17 recipes), the second is called “A Sightseeing Adventure” and the third is called “A Discovery of Smells”, which will be available soon. All my books sell on Amazon in eBook and print form.

My books are about each of our 5 senses and come in a 5 part series – one is for tastes, second is for sight, third is for smells, fourth is for touch and fifth is for hearing. Each book is an adventure while learning about different places and food in the world.

Do you have a specific writing style? At the moment I’m writing books for children and they rhyme and the theme is repetitive to help young children to remember what they have learned. My books are meant for children 3-13 years old and they are an exciting way for children to learn to read.

My books teach young children the days of the week, the 7 continents, the 7 largest countries in the world, the months of the year, how to tell time all while travelling around the world which will also intrigue the older children.

There are beautiful realistic pictures and illustrations to keep the child engaged while reading and each story also comes with activities at the end of the book to help the child to remember what they have learned. My first book includes 17 flavourful and diverse recipes from around the world that both child and parent will enjoy cooking together.

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? How to start writing the story but once I get past that part then the rest just flows.

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work? A 10 year old reviewer thanked me for writing such an amazing book. It was so nice to read a personal compliment from my reader.

How long have you been writing? I started writing stories since I was 8 years old, then as a teenager I started writing poetry and now I write children’s books as an adult.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer? I never knew I wanted to become a writer; it was just something I did as a hobby, when I had the time for it.

What is your work schedule like when you are writing? I write daily from home whenever I have the time for it since my children are home and did virtual school once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This has afforded me more time to focus on my writing, believe it or not, lol! Sometimes I stay up late past midnight writing and perfecting my children’s stories. I’m a perfectionist so I thoroughly go through my book constantly looking for small mistakes.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? I like to use my laptop while I sit on my bed. I first write the story ideas down in my notes app on my mobile then transfer it to Microsoft Word onto my laptop. The most important thing to me when writing anything is the title of my story and the last line in my poetry or short stories.

The full meaning of the poem or story is summed up in that one last line. As for my children’s stories, it is a different kind of writing but my title is very important when choosing it, as my theme of the story must match my title first.

How long does it take to write a book? I haven’t written a novel but since my children’s books are for children from 3 years old and up, they include pictures and illustrations and activities to help the child to read and learn. They are about 37 pages or more. One day I sat down and thought of ideas for my children’s book. I came up with 10 ideas quickly and jotted them all down. I realized I had could break them up into 2 series of 5 books each. I decided to focus on my first series and started writing my first children’s story.

I wrote down all the ideas for the first book within an hour or less and then started working on turning it into a story. It took some time to write it as I didn’t focus on writing it right away. When I did start to focus on the actual writing of the story the ideas all flowed and I wrote it in a few days. To ask how long it took for me to “perfect” it and be satisfied with the final outcome is another story! LOL.

I did get it published about 2 months after writing my first children’s book. I am now on my third children’s book in this first series and it’s about to be published next month.

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer? Practice and write from the heart.

What do you think makes a good story? One that is relatable, brings about emotions or helps others to learn from it.

What does your family think of your writing? My husband was the one who supported me in writing a children’s book. It was actually his idea for me to write one since he knew I loved to write. I hadn’t written in years since having children so I thought maybe I should try again. So once COVID-19 hit I decided to actually focus on writing a children’s story. I never knew I would come up with 10 book ideas!

My children thought it was cool that their mother published a book when I showed them my first physical book! Since my children’s books are based on my children and our family experiences and adventures, I use 4 children who explore their world because I also have 4 children. But none of my kids wanted to be on my book covers with their picture or as an illustrated character!

Do you see writing as a career? For me, no, as I am first and foremost a stay-at-home mother who focuses on her family. Writing is just a hobby for me when I have the time.

Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers? I’d like to first thank them all for their time and support! Thank you also for being an involved parent who wants their child to learn to read. I know teaching children to read can be difficult so this is why I decided to make this exciting and adventurous series.

Once a parent reads consistently to their child and everyday then the child will read back the story on their own in their own words and then eventually with the printed words on the pages.

Spending time with their children is the most important and rewarding activity one can do for them. May my books bring a sense of adventure and instill a love of reading for all your young ones!


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