Why Did You Write The Book: Charlene Wang

Charlene Wang
Charlene Wang

Model Breakers: Breaking Through Stereotypes and Embracing Your Authenticity

Charlene Wang is the founder of LivingOS, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people embrace their authenticity in life. She writes the LivingOS Newsletter and hosts the Model Breakers podcast to explore what it means to live a good life. Charlene has spent years coaching professionals and has pioneered the value coaching practice to help entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders find, in twenty minutes, their true values and motivations in life. While LivingOS and coaching are Charlene’s passion, by day she works as a product manager at Google. Charlene received her B.Sc. in applied mathematics, computer science, and economics from Brown University. She resides in the Bay Area and admits to being a bit obsessed with her Alishan golden oolong tea.

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