Why Did You Write The Book: Jay Sharma

Jay Sharma
Jay Sharma

HandBook of Demand Planning

Jay Sharma is an incoming Commissioning Engineer at Arup and graduate of Purdue University. He is heavily involved with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), an organization dedicated to increasing black and minority participation in STEM fields, and volunteers with various community and environmental organizations in the Boston area. Jay wrote this book because he was curious as to how cities get their unique feel. He wanted to understand why cities always had certain things in common and what about a place makes someone feel welcomed. Above all, he wanted to learn how to make cities a better place for all communities, and how to bring joy back into urban neighborhoods. Outside from writing, Jay enjoys being outside, doing yoga, learning new things, and gardening. He is an avid biker, reader, listener, thinker, and lover of hip-hop music.

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Why Did I Write The Book