Author TL Scott’s Book Review By Jennifer Higney


Our trailer for TL Scott’s A Life Worth Living has received great response so far! We would like to thank all of you for that. Three of our friends from the writing world have requested TL Scott for his book in exchange for honest reviews. One of it is from Jennifer Higney. Read on to know what she actually felt about the book. Some excerpts from her review sounds like this:

” This story takes many different twists in turns as you connect with all the characters on a very real basis. This story was one that is very easy to connect to, especially in today’s day in age, when we are all very concerned with work, and providing lives worth living for our families. But at what price to do we pay for the “stuff” we have? And can that “stuff” ever satisfy the need for love? As the story unfolds, and tragedies arise will this family’s love be strong enough to survive, and still have a life worth living?” 

-Jennifer Higney,2013

Jennifer’s book review can be viewed on her fabulous blog Life on The Spin Cycle. Feel free to read his book on Amazon.

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