Why Did You Write The Book: Mackenzie Finklea

Mackenzie Finklea
Mackenzie Finklea

Beyond the Halls: An Insider’s Guide to Loving Museums

Mackenzie Finklea is an American Anthropologist and life-long museum enthusiast. She is a young professional who studied at the University of Texas at Austin earning a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, a minor in Architecture, and a certificate in Museum Studies. In April of 2019, she was invited to speak at the TEDx conference at UT Austin about her research on Internet Memes and cyberculture. She has a long history of previous leadership roles and a vibrant fascination with displays of human culture. Mackenzie is borderline obsessed with two things in life: museums, and her tabby cat, Owen. She was compelled to write her book, Beyond the Halls: An Insider’s Guide to Loving Museums as a way to share her passion for museums in a practical and fun approach so that everyone can have the opportunity to cherish and admire museums as much as she does.

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