Sexy Six Authors Q&A #8:What are your reasons for writing? 

This post would be the continuation of Q&A session with the Sexy Six team and in case you’ve missed the 7th one, here is the link to it.

It’s a pleasure to interview the six sexy authors from the Sexy Six team. A warm welcome to our blog and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the interview session with us.

We’ve asked them a few questions and the answers for each question from all six of them will be published as a series. Let’s check out question #8

What are your reasons for writing? 

Chris Lange 

To unleash the stories in my head and let my readers’ dreams come true.

Leanore Elliott

I must. Have to. To live and breathe.

Jennifer Theriot

Writing is therapy for me.  As long as my characters keep talking to me, I’ll continue to write.

Maggie Nash

I love stories, and they keep talking to me until I get them down in print!

Morticia Knight

It’s the one thing in my life I’ve always received the greatest satisfaction from. Maybe it’s because I tend to be reclusive, or I’ve always been lost in my head – hard to say. But I can’t imagine living my life without crafting new stories and new worlds. It would be boring to me.
Sandy Wolters

The characters won’t leave me alone until I tell their story.  I start visualizing these people I’ve never met in different scenarios, and it doesn’t stop until I write it down.


September Author Interview Answer #8 : What would you like to say to your readers?

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed reading the 7th post in this interview series. This is the last post in this interview series with author Debby G. Kaye and Linda Gray Sexton. Please check their bios out via the links you can see below.

Let’s check out the answers for question #8 from them.

“What would you like to say to your readers?

Author #1 D. G. Kaye

I’d love to thank my readers for spending their valuable time reading my books. My writing is based on my own experiences and point of view. I write for others who can relate to, or identify with my stories, in the hopes that they may be able to take a message or lesson from my writing.

Author #2 Linda Sexton
I want everyone who reads my work to write to me and give me his or her reaction.  It is invaluable for a writer to connect with her audience and learn what is working and what isn’t.  No one can tell you that more candidly or effectively than readers.  Critics always have an axe to grind.  Readers tend to be, as a majority, unfailingly accurate.  So go to my website and let me hear what you think!  I am there for you!
Thank you Linda and Debby for taking part in this interview! IBP wishes you all the best! 🙂
Thank you all for reading this interview with Linda and Debby.
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MARSocial Special Interview: Question & Answers #8

Hello everyone! So, finally we received all answers from our participants from MARSocial author network. Are you excited to read the answers yet? Question #8 is “What are your reasons for writing?” by Marion Lovato.

Let’s check out the answers from all 11 author participants !

1) Coleman Weeks

To gain my sanity.

2) Viv Drewa

I love putting story to print. After reading all my life I thought it was time.

3) K. J. Rollinson

Inspiration, imagination, love of words. You have to is my answer. You have to express yourself, if you are a writer, artist, composer. It is in your soul.

4) Sam Reese

Simply because I can’t not write. Something inside compels me to do so, and when I stop doing so I tend to become a terrible person to be around.

5) Neil McGowan

I couldn’t imagine not writing. It’s something that is a part of my character. It allows me to examine ideas and themes from different perspectives, and lets me have fun playing around with characters and situations.

6) Marion Lovato

To share the uniqueness and comical side of this creature we call a cat.

7) Jaro Berce

To share my knowledge with others and to have fun discussing it with people that perceived the matter differently as I have meant.

8) Marie Lavender

I write because I can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life.  There is no greater freedom for me than when I am deep in the construction of a scene, when so much is going on that I forget the world for awhile.  When I come out of it, there is almost a strange euphoria to it.  I blink and say, “Wow.  Did that actually happen?”  So much can occur.  I feel a lot while I’m writing.  With some scenes, I feel a character’s anger or what they would naturally feel if they were insulted or hurt.  Sometimes, with a particularly emotional scene, I know I’ve gotten to the heart of things when I’m writing with tears streaming down my face.  Neurotic?  Maybe.  But, that is the way of a writer.  We feel with our characters.  They become a part of us in a way, and when the book is finished, it is hard to step away from that connection.  So, why do I write?  Because doing anything else just feels wrong.

9) LaRae Parry

For me, writing is therapeutic.  Also, the stories inside my head won’t leave me alone. Grrrrr.

10) Theresa Moretimer

To help people to become aware of the dangers of domestic violence.  I write fiction but what I write as fiction is true to an extent due to the fact that I base a lot of my story on my life.  It’s not all true but a lot of it is.  I hope to prevent domestic violence cases by helping people become aware of the signs.

11) Annie Edmonds

Marion my reasons for writing are to get the little people out of my head.
If I don’t they just keep talking. And the story gets bigger and bigger. When I finally put the story into the computer it’s done. And I’m on to the next. Writing is not a choice for me.

The next question is “Who could/would help a writer to sell books?” by Jaro. Stay tuned with us for the next post !