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This week, we are featuring author Samuel Yaw Jian Fong from the Scifi/Fantasy genre


Samuel Yaw Jian Fong is an amateur author and artist from Seremban, Malaysia. Due to a lot of time spent on the Internet, he enjoys making his own fictional worlds inhabited by dozens of quirky characters — would you like to check them out? For more information about his works, check out the “Rabydosverse Wikia” and HorsesPlease’s DeviantArt page.

Unicorn Farmhand

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Just reading the unique premise of ‘Unicorn Farmhand’ had me very interested and the book did not disappoint. After escaping a traumatic life in the circus, Dok-Saau the horse has taken to life on a simple farm, but he is far from simple. He is an exceedingly intelligent animal who is fascinated by the human art of writing.

From observing his caretakers, he learns to write in various ways and when he begins communicating with his humans, soon becomes a local celebrity. Dok-Saau’s character is entirely charming. He’s not only smart and loves to learn and teach, he’s witty, determined, and loyal. It’s really cool to see how his brain comprehends things from human culture and how he’s not afraid to speak his mind regardless of the situation. Dok-Saau also seems to suffer from a sort of PTSD which goes a long way in his personification. Over the course of the book, we see him try to remember and overcome the dark experiences of his past and finally, with the help of his human and animal friends, takes their enemy head on.

However, this amazing horse is not the only interesting thing about the story. The author has crafted a world reminiscent of several real-life cultures while incorporating elements of science fiction. The culture, lore, and histories of Dok-Saau’s country and the various peoples surrounding are both unique and vast. My favorite parts include his hometown’s many holidays as well as the interactions between Dok-Saau, his caretakers, and their extended family. While his human family and friends are very compassionate, they also have their flaws which makes them believable as real persons.

Another fun bit of the story is when Dok-Saau is introduced to a weird species of horse the humans call unicorn. The human children (even the adults) are intrigued with the species while Dok-Saau himself finds them irritating and stupid. The book is full of little quirky moments as he explores the world around him and learns to use his strength to better it for everyone. — Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

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