Offer for NaNoWriMo 2020 Winners

If you are visiting this page, the chances are high that you are a NaNoWriMo 2020 winner! Congratulations on completing the first draft of your book. Writing is easy. However, marketing is hard.

If you are a NaNoWriMo 2020 participant, we have something BIG to offer you!

We are offering special discount on editing service for all NaNoWriMo participants and winners. Edit your book (50K words) for only $300. If your word count is higher than 50,000 words, get in touch with us for an ideal quote. Contact us here for further information.

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Editing Package

Throughout 2019, book covers will only cost you $45 instead of $70 each.
We can edit the pre-made covers to suit your needs if your concept doesn’t require the purchase of new stock images. ALL covers come with spine and back cover design.

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Book Cover Package

Instant Book Trailers (1 minute trailer) will cost $75 instead of $100 each.

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Trailer Package

Not sure if you have the right story outline yet for book covers and trailers? Get book teaser and trailer teaser (20 sec) for $30 from us.

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Trailer and Teaser Package

Looking for an all-in-one book publishing help for your first book and to market your book further with constant support from us? Check out what we have for you:

Self-Publishing Package: $2500
1) Three beta readers to evaluate your manuscript and offer you honest and constructive feedback on your book
2) Manuscript editing
3) Book cover design
4) Cinematic Book Trailer package
5) Blog tour with book bloggers
6) Book video review by booktubers
7) Book launching event on Facebook
8) Book online advertisement on one preferred target location
9) Author live chat session with fans
10) ISBN setup
11) Print-on-demand publishing arrangements
12) Monthly author spot featuring your book on our social media
13) IBP author and fan support group access

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Publishing Package

You should be a registered NaNo participant for 2020 to be eligible for the promo. Send us the link to your NaNo profile when you contact us to purchase these services.


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