May Spirituality/Religious Author Interview Answer #1 “What are some experiences (if any) that shaped you as a spiritual writer?”

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May Spirituality/Religious Group Author Interview

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the May Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! The support from Spirituality/Religious authors was amazing as we have 12 authors participating in this group author interview.

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So, the 1st question is “What are some experiences (if any) that shaped you as a spiritual writer?”

1) Author #1 : Todd Johnson

I would have to say the bible over all. But I never thought of it like spiritual writing.

2) Author #2: Else Byskov 

I encountered the spiritual science of Martinus

3) Author #3:  Sandra Lott

My passion for the Lord and how He has held my heart in His hand many times, from the hardships of being married to an alcoholic & drug addict, to the loss of my youngest son and my marriage. Needing to be loved so desperately, I sought the Lord. He healed my heart and gave me the passion to write. Each book I write are topics within that I myself, have learned and want to pass on to my readers.

4) Author #4:  Sharon Farber 

My book, Choosing to be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication, was inspired by my personal journey into mediumship. I discovered a passion for the subject and endeavored to become a medium even though most people think you can’t learn to be one and need to be “born that way.” I persevered, and proved that one can learn to be a medium. I wrote the book to share that mediumship can be purposefully developed. I describe my journey and give step-by-step instructions, including many exercises, to give readers the opportunity to explore this fascinating field and develop their own mediumistic abilities. I also teach mediumship development classes, run a mediumship development circle, and lead mediumship development retreats.

5) Author #5:  Mitch Gannon

I have been a psychic, healer, and spiritual consultant for over 10 years which has shaped and formed the type of writing I do in this genre. Not only is this a career but part of my daily life that influences writing within spirituality.

6) Author #6:  Hemal Radia

My father passing away (putting a long story short) led me down the path of personal development that later led to spirituality. A search for greater meaning in the coincidences in my life led to discovering so much more and in time writing and teaching others to manifest in oneness with the magic that life and nature intended for us.

7) Author #7:  Brina Tharishinee

Not any in particular. I was just fascinated with the whole idea of rebirth and karma; went on to research on the topics and came up with a story.

8) Author #8: Barry Rice

My past of feeling rejected by my birth man and woman, feelings of being rejected by God (I was a bastard child as defined in Deuteronomy 23:2 (King James), teased by my childhood friends for same and being asked to leave a church by a minister after my service in Vietnam (veterans were being labeled as “Baby Killers”, and his statement that “The House of the Lord does not accept Baby Killers”. Later in life, after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and being given 12 – 18 months to live, I was led to see in a sunrise that God had loved and accepted me all along and that He presents everyone with a multitude of blessings and opportunities with every sunrise.

9) Author #9: Chris Batts

My experience is known as a near death experience. My experience was from a suicide attempt. I crossed over to the other side, then I returned. On the other side, I met God and those I call angels in the spiritual realm. We spoke telepathically.

10) Author #10: Syl Sabastian

My entire Life since a Young Man, when I switched to Living via Attunement, which makes everything a spiritual affair. Some specific experiences which stand out are: Living in the desert with nothing, no electricity, no plumbing, no running water, nothing. A profound and fabulous experience. Having a restaurant on top of a mountain on a game-reserve where we got to know, hang out, and be friends with a group of Bushmen. And being homeless on the streets of Santa Monica, a fantastic and fun experience. There are many many others, too many to list.

11) Author #11: Donald Smith

My inspiration for writing comes from the personal journey from a non believer in Jesus Christ into a true believer in Jesus Christ for years I denied that there was a God and that he gave his son for our everlasting life but through my personal struggles I have come to realize for years I was totally wrong and have my life to him and I have a whole new outlook on life he gave me the will to live when in my darkest hours I wanted to die

12) Author #12:  Rabjot

Understanding of the essence of the spirituality encouraged me to be a spiritual writer

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6 thoughts on “May Spirituality/Religious Author Interview Answer #1 “What are some experiences (if any) that shaped you as a spiritual writer?”

  1. Fantastic to be a part of this, Jasveena!

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  2. Fantastic to be a part of this, Jasveena!

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  3. Thank you, Jasveena. I’m glad to have this opportunity to discuss my NDE (near death experience).

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