What is Author Brand?

A useful post on author branding to help authors stand out in the entire online market space

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‘A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.’ (Oxford Dictionary)

‘An identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others.’ (Investopedia)

Brand creates an awareness, recognition and appreciation. It is the way people are made to feel about the person/company and product.

Note: Though there may be some overlap, Author Brand should not to be confused with Author Platform. See previous article: What is an Author Platform?


In other words; what the author hopes to achieve through branding themselves. (Not as painful as it sounds – no hot iron burning into flesh.)

Their brand should:

  • Present a picture, perception, identity, etc. specific to themselves.
  • Distinguish what makes them unique and different to other authors.
  • Demonstrate value.
  • Inform audience of goals and objectives.
  • Set expectations.

Branding is, in essence, the author’s promise to…

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