Why Did You Write The Book: Priyanka Surio

Priyanka Surio
Priyanka Surio

Third Culture Kids of the World: Exploring Sustainable Travel Mindsets

Priyanka Surio doesn’t fit neatly into categories like Black or White. As a multinational child growing up in a small Floridian town, she wondered if she’d ever neatly fit in anywhere. But when she began to travel she learned that every time she left home, she found her community. Priyanka belongs to a global community of adventurers who, like her, cannot be precisely categorized. They’re the world’s third culture kids–members of a multi-cultural, transcontinental, and intersectional class–and advocates for a more inclusive future. Having logged 40 countries in just four years, Priyanka is both nomadic and deeply rooted in Washington DC, where she works on health IT and data-related projects, including COVID-19 response efforts.

Read an article featuring Priyanka here “From Mulberry to beyond: Polk native writes travel book” https://www.theledger.com/story/lifestyle/2020/08/31/woman-mulberry-has-written-book-travel/3441792001/

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