Why Did You Write The Book: Nick Lugo

Nick Lugo
Nick Lugo

Break Your Bad Habits in 150 Pages: A Hero’s Journey

Nicholas Lugo has dedicated his life to uplifting the human condition, whether it be putting a smile on a face or solving much deeper problems. His focus is especially tailored towards habit breaking and solving this difficult challenge faced by his generation. He wrote this book simply because this problem is a universal one — everyone struggles with bad habits. And the worst part is that most of these habits have a tremendous impact on our lives. By simply observing his friends and family struggling with this universal problem, it was easy for him to get passionate about sharing this information with the world. While he has written a book on this topic, he cannot say that he is a robot without flaws. And he never expects to be. Yet, these strategies in this book have personally saved his own life from an immense amount of future pain by eliminating many bad habits — and that is why he is sharing them with you.

Read an article featuring Priyanka here “Prebys Scholar Nick Lugo strives to create meaningful change in other people’s lives” https://blog.kelley.iu.edu/2021/01/15/prebys-scholar-nick-lugo-strives-to-create-meaningful-change-in-other-peoples-lives/


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