March Chicklit Author Interview: Author #6 Beth Merlin

Beth Merlin

Beth Merlin, a native New Yorker, loves anything Broadway, romantic comedies, and a good maxi dress. After earning her JD from New York Law School, she heard a voice calling her back to fiction writing, like it had during her undergrad study. Amidst her days in The George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs, where Beth majored in Political Communications, she found herself wandering into Creative Writing classes, and ended up earning a minor in the field. After 10 long years laboring over her first manuscript, her debut novel, One S’more Summer, released May 2017. International bestselling author Kristin Harmel called it “a fast paced, enjoyable read”.

Love You S’more is the last book in the Campfire Series. While she’s sad to say goodbye to the characters she’s been working on for the last 10+ years, she hopes she’s given readers (whether Team Gideon or Team Perry) a satisfying ending. And she is so grateful to all of the fans who have supported her and Gigi along the way.

When Beth isn’t working on new novels (like her upcoming title Breakup Boot Camp), she’s spending time with her husband, daughter, and Cavipoo, Sophie.


March Chicklit Author Interview: Author #5 Sasha Lane

Sasha Lane

I live in Barnsley and work full time in the finance industry but write in my spare time allowing my imagination to have a whole lot of freedom as I write Chick lit novels. They’re Chick lit style with a hint of darkness. I try to create characters that are everyday women so hopefully readers can find something about their personality or lifestyle that they can relate to and fall in love with them as much as I have while writing about them. The idea behind my books is to show the challenges of everyday women trying to balance jobs/careers, with family, friends and relationships. It’s hard, and sometimes you have to laugh at yourself, which the main character, Emma, does, but I also wanted to show how important friendship is too at keeping us all sane!

March Chicklit Author Interview: Author #4 Jae El Foster

Jae El Foster

When the muses speak, Jae El Foster writes, and he has been doing so for nearly twenty years, tackling some of the most intriguing genres out there. Delivering fresh, incomparable tales of horror, science fiction, and romance – sweet or spicy – he pens with seasoned skill the tales that his muses deliver to him. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @jaeelbooks, ‘like’ him on Facebook at and visit his website at to keep up with upcoming releases, contests, events and more.

March Chicklit Author Interview: Author #3 Adesanya


Although born and raised in Chicago, Adesanya often draws inspiration for her writings from her Nigerian heritage. Her love for the written word developed at a young age, and today, she enjoys sharing her own stories with the world. Adesanya believes that traits both good and bad are what make up Life in all of its pain and glory. No matter the genre she tackles, it is always Life that she is writing. Currently, Adesanya resides on the West Coast, USA. Follow her on Twitter @theindieauthor or ‘like’ her on Facebook at

March Chicklit Author Interview: Author #2 Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe

Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe

Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe is an author of romantic comedy and anything quirky. She resides in Tennessee, just outside of Nashville where she shares a home with her cats. Ms. O’Keeffe loves to make the world laugh and to find humor and love in the least likely of places. Readers may keep up with her and her writings by following @authorjpokeeffe on Twitter. She is currently working on her first full-length novel ‘Runaway Heiress,’ and her short stories ‘We Made Snow Angels’ and ‘All I Want is to Be Happy’ can be found in the anthologies The Greatest Gift of All and Queens of Hearts, respectively.


March Chicklit Author Interview: Author #1 Amy Spitzfaden

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Amy Spitzfaden

Amy is a chick-lit and women’s fiction author from Temple, New Hampshire where she lives with her husband, Ravi. She won first prize in the 2013 Writers’ Voices Competition for her debut, Untold.
She graduated with a literature and writing degree from Maharishi University of Management in 2012 and works as editor and social media manager at PSCS Consulting when not writing.

March 2019 Chick Lit Group Author Interview: A Sneak Peek Into The Answers

March 2019 Chick Lit Group Author Interview: A Sneak Peek Into The Answers

Hello fellow authorpreneurs,

Firstly, I’d like to thank all participating authors in the author interview. We are still waiting for four authors to respond to the questions for March Chick Lit Interview. The most joyous part of the group author interview is when I get to compile all the answers from the authors!

I’d be introducing an author live interview on Google Hangouts for all participating authors, and there will be a ‘Watch Event’ on Facebook. We’ll have 6 participating authors for each live interview. The purpose of this live interview is to bridge the gap between authors and readers, and to enable authors to enhance their personal branding. The administration fee for each participant is only $15. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll get in touch with you.

While we wait for the rest to get back to us, I thought you’d like to check out some of the answers for Question 1. I am totally amazed at some of the answers.

1st Question: Which issue of modern womanhood does your book addresses? Why the issue?

Sex trafficking and abuse to neglected womenIn my series, the main character Gigi takes a back seat in her career and love life. Over the course of the three books, she learns her worth and is able to become the heroine of her own life.

The controversy of internet dating and of ‘testing the waters’ before committing. The issue addresses why is it ok for men to have multiple relationships when women, ideally, should only have one, especially at ‘one time.

‘In ‘Ashaki’s Beauty Parlor,’ our protagonist faces three strong obstacles that most modern women can, in one way or another, relate to, including: the loss of a parent, the betrayal of a lover, and owning her own business.

An Autumn of Incident covers one woman’s new life after surviving emotional abuse.

Fingerprinted Hearts addresses being a woman in business and dealing with imposter syndrome and feelings of unworthiness. It also deals with sisterhood, both literal and figurative, and struggling to align your inner compass with your outer relationships.

Independence. Most of my books are about young single women who are supporting themselves and fulfilling their own dreams. Eventually they all end up with a man, but I try to show no they’re totally capable and self-sufficient without one!

My story ‘We Made Snow Angels’ addresses tackling the odds and pushing through embarrassment. I think we’ve all made fools of ourselves before in one way or another, and it’s important to see that we’re all just human beings doing the best we can do to struggle through.