Leadership by Virtue by Jaro Berce – A review


Leadership by Virtue is a book you must read if you are someone looking to upgrade your leadership and business skills. Put yourself as a merger between two companies that have different approaches and expertise. How will you make a mutual understanding between these two companies so that the joint-venture you are aiming for could happen?

This leadership skills explained by Jaro in his book is not just for those who are in business but also for people of all ages. Leadership is a skill that has to be nourished every now and then. These skills shouldn’t just be seen from Western culture’s perspective but also from the East.

As a Tai Chi master and an educator, Ben, the hero in this story takes the challenge as a merger in a very unique approach after consulting with his Tai Chi master.

The story takes you close to understand Ben’s everyday life. Everything is very personal; from the part where he gets caught in the heavy traffic, giving way to people and getting a honk from the cars at the back, right to the scenarios on his office, martial arts class and his home where he deals with his wife and son.

Some minor punctuation errors were found in the book and the use of Chinese terms can be very educating but could slow down the process of understanding the book. Nevertheless, the whole concept of how martial arts and the Far East mentality can help you in the corporate world is very intriguing.

If you keep your mind open to new ideas, this can be a good read for you!

Link to watch book trailer : http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?u=/watch?v%3Dhxcl1Tz4gJA%26feature%3Dshare&a=JTcyDiSJqRz30kXOMThGzQ


2 thoughts on “Leadership by Virtue by Jaro Berce – A review

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  2. […] Leadership by Virtue by Jaro Berce – A review […]


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