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International Book Promotion takes a different route to get your books going places! We embrace the challenge to market books to reach the target audience. We are video enthusiasts; specializing in video marketing and our aim is to enhance authors’ web presence and public relations at HALF price via video products.

Our video products include (but are not limited to):

We also provide editing/proofreading, cover designs and radio advertisements. Check out our services for more info.

Speak to us, let us know your budget and needs and we will tailor our work accordingly.

Thanks so much Jas at International book Promotion, Jas worked me with and the final product shows her commitment and dedication to excellence. — Annie Edmonds, Author of Second Chances, Sammy’s Story

Why videos?

Readers read! They don’t watch videos to buy books. Well, that’s like saying books don’t get judged by covers! Videos widen your marketing strategy by providing visual appeals to attract readers and help you position yourself better on search engines. Ask yourself why YouTube is ranked the third most viewed website in the world?


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Jas will do you and your book proud. She is a professional and works with you till you are satisfied with the end result..


  2. Jas is hard working and will give what you need the most for your book, video or …


  3. I’m enjoying your blog, Jassie, and thank you for following mine.

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  4. […] is Jasveena, the founder of International Book Promotion. Many thanks to Chris Graham for the opportunity to write about us on his blog. I started off my […]

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