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As a writer, your job is to write. But what happens right after typing ” The End” on your manuscript? There comes the endless editing process. Then, you have to decide on publishing. What comes next? Marketing! Aren’t you getting tired?

We know that this is a lot for you to handle all by YOURSELF. Fortunately, with us around, writing is easier now. You don’t need to go through these painful processes alone.

International Book Promotion strives to help authors in getting books going places! We use internet and video marketing to further enhance your internet presence. With our targeted promotion method, your books will have a higher chance of being discovered by readers from your genre. The best part is you are getting all these done at HALF PRICE!

I have worked with International Book Promotions for both my book cover and book trailer needs. In all cases, they were prompt, courteous, and professional and I have been absolutely amazed by their results. I definitely hope to work with them again in regards to any future projects. — Irene Helenowski, Author of Order of The Dimensions series.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

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